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Focus more on OSS from 2022


Hello 🙂 I'm kazupon! I'm a Vue.js core team member and creator of Intlify Project & i18n enthusiast. I'm organizing the Vue.js japan community that is called Vue.js Japan User Group.

I have a big news!!

I have been working on OSS while I have my day job. From 2022, I will be able to focus more on OSS development using my regular working times at my current company than my current situation!

I'm really happy to be able to focus on OSS development more than ever before during my regular work times.

At the same time, I really applicate to PLAID, inc for offering me an environment where I can work on OSS while belonging to a company.

Since joining PLAID, inc, I've been worked with both sides of the company by providing feedback through OSS and products. Specifically, That is around Vue.js & vue-i18n and company product internationalization, that is KARTE

What will be solved by focusing on OSS?

Here's what I'll be working on!

  • Release vue-i18n v9.2
  • Solve some Painful points of vue-i18n
  • Intlify bundle tools
    • Unify the implementations for each bundler with unplugin
  • Support for i18n custom block on vue-i18n-jest latest version
  • The i18n routing library
    • Support for nuxt/i18n
    • Support nuxt/i18n compatible APIs library as Vue plugin
  • The language switching framework-agnostic library (for micro-frontend)
  • Improvement vue-i18n-next core library
    • More framework-agnostic!
    • More type-safe resource management (schema & single source of truth)
    • server-side oriented
    • ICU compatible message format

The above will be developed as OSS in the Intlify project I started.

Especially, the refinement of the core library of vue-i18n-next, which I put in bold, is what I want to do the most. I will make it more generic and use it in various use cases. And, I will also contribute to Vue, Nuxt, Vite, and other OSS communities through i18n.

I'm an organizer of Vue.js japan community, so next year in 2022, I’ll be planning to hold Vue Fes Japan 2022.


Once again, I really appreciate PLAID inc for providing me with an environment where I can work on the OSS I want to work on while belonging to a company ❤️

I will be working on my OSS project at the company for a while, but I want to be completely independent full-time in the future.

If your company uses Vue I18n or Intlify packages, please consider supporting its development by sponsoring me 🙏. It means a lot and really helps me keep working on improving the Vue & Nuxt Ecosystem and i18n related DX. And it means that I can eventually working on OSS full-time finally!

Thanks for reading all the way through!